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Red Tower of London Landmark Bookend by Susan Bradley

के द्वारा Susan Bradley

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Red Tower of London Landmark Bookend by Susan Bradley. Designed by Susan Bradley, this bookend is instantly recognisable from the London skyline. Celebrating London architecture with both iconic and alternative landmark buildings in the form of functional bookends this Tower of London, in red, would look great on any book shelf, either in the home or office. The red Tower of London Bookend measures approx H15 x W14 x D12cm . (also available in white). The red Tower of London Bookend is made in England, using powdercoated steel. The Tower of London is a complex of several buildings set within two concentric rings of defensive walls and a moat. The distinctive turreted White Tower, which gives the entire castle its name, was started by William the Conqueror in 1077. The Tower of London has been used as a fortress, a palace and a prison and the moat was even used for vegetable growing during World War II. The distinctive and much loved Yeoman Warders have origins as far back as the reign of Edward IV (1461-83).
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