Pipevape Tobacco Weed Dry Herb Smoking Herbal Pipe Kit Portable Smoke Accessory Devicewhite

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Pipevape Tobacco Weed Dry Herb Smoking Herbal Pipe Kit Portable Smoke Accessory Devicewhite

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₹6,590.00 और मुफ़्त शिपिंग

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Pipevape Tobacco Weed Dry Herb Smoking Herbal Pipe Kit Portable Smoke Accessory DeviceWhiteProduct Description:Specifications:1.Battery: 3.7V 18350 Li-poly. 2.Temperature Range:300-435/149-224 adjustable,can circulate,memory function.. 3.Lock/Unlock:press 5 times consecutively. 4.Charging Time:1-1.5hours. 5.FPC Heating Resistant/MAX Power:0.6, 30W 6.Heating Chamber:Ceramic heating chamber 7.Material:Environment durable PPS+PC 8.Safety Power Duration:5 minutes. 8.Airflow tech:isolate airflow 9.Working Times:about 7 times with full charge.Features:1.Pipe shape cool design,discreet,portable. 2.Non combustion bake herb kit instead of burning herb. 3.Isolate airflow tech,more clear vap-ing. 4.Ceramic heating chamber,pure taste and big vapor,full baked.. 5.Memory function,temperature control.Temperature Control Settings:1)The Pipe is capable of reaching any temperature within the ranged of 300-435/149-224. 2)By holding the power button for 3 seconds,you can alternate between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature. 3)Press the power button 3 times consecutively,you can setting the heating time(working time).The desired heating time is 3-9 minutes,30 seconds a grade to increase or decrease,,the acquiescent time is 5 minutes.The device will start to work after setting the desired working time for 3 seconds. 4)USE the +/- buttons on the device,you can increase or decease the desired temperature while the device is heating, 1 or 1 is a grade,the temperature adjust can be circulate (it will back to 300 when the temperature increased to 435and keep press + button;it will back to 435 when the temperature decreased to 300 and keep press - button). 5)The device comes equipped with a built in memory function,and will automatically heat to the most recent temperature selected when turned on.OLED Display:1)Battery Power,Setting Temperature,Setting desire Heating Time,and Left heating time,The heating temperature. 2)Battery Low: OLED Shows LOW voltage 3)Temperature Check Malfunction:OLED shows CHEEK NTC 4)Heating chamber Checking Malfunction:OLED shows CHEEK FPC.Kit Content:1xPipe Device 1xUSB charger; 1xCleaning Brush 1xDab Tool 2xSilicon Rings 1xUse ManualHow to Use the Pipe:1)To turn on the device,press the power button 5 times in rapidly succession. 2)When turned on,the device will begin heating according to your last time use temperature. 3)You are allowed to setting the desired temperature and desired heating time. 4)While heating,the pipe image on the display will flash, to indicate is heating up. 5)Once the desired temperature is reached,the device pipe image will display a solid non-blinking to indicate the device is ready to be used. 6)After 5 minutes consecutively work,the HOMLES will automatically shut down. This is the devices safety power duration. To start your next session,simply repeat the process outline on this page. 7)To turn off device, press the power button 5 times in rapidly succession. The system will automatically shut down too when meet breakdown.

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