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Flexible Strip Splitter - Delinatör

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Flexible Strip Splitter - Delinatör. Flexible Strip Splitter 75 Cm Delinatör Uses City, Intercity, Roads and Parking in the Asphalt, Concrete, Paving, Stone on the Roads of Separation of Requirement, Parking Space in The/ban Product As Together by Use of Ribbon Termination Across to Used. Also Long-term Road Direction in Making Product As or Construction Area in Conducting Strip Breach of çevrelerinde Obstacle While Girilmemesi Gereken Zones Iaretlemede Can Be Used. Specifications: Technical Özelliklerr Material: TPU Height: 750mm Top Diameter: 80mm Bottom Diameter: 220mm Color: Yellow, Orange and Other Colors Optional Weight: 1,2Kg ± 0,1Kg Can Be Easily Installed Without Requiring Signage and Flaörler Apparatus. . We are an international based seller that will ship your order from abroad, please at least a minimum 14 working days for delivery right now due to the ongoing delays in shipments globally.
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