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Ergolife Red Filt Picnic Rug Blanket - Huge and Water Repellent!

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The Filt picnic rug / blanket in red, big enough for the whole family. This should not to be confused with cheap woollen small rugs, this is a top quality picnic rug, which is specially designed to keep you and your picnic area dry. The bottom side of the Filt is made of a water repellent polyester, which allows you to picnic almost anywhere, and for added peace of mind is washable. The top side, is a 260 gram per square meter soft anti-piling polarfleece. Filt is also much bigger than a normal picnic blanket in that it is big enough to lie down on, and certainly big enough for a family of four. The Filt is carried rolled in straps, so it takes minimal space and is easy to bring along to your picnic, whether carried by hand or strapped on a bike. Why not create the perfect picnic and use the Filt Picnic Rug inconjunction with our Ergolife Stol portable chair and drink holding steady sticks Material: water-repellent polyester. Top: 260g anti-piling polarfleece. Dimensions: 200 cm by 150 cm. Design: Ergolife of Sweden. Colours: Available in Grey, Black or Red.

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