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Ducti Duct Tape Passport Protector Wallet

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The Ducti Passport Protector, Practice Safe Travel and get organised. Keeps your passport safe and your essential travel documents together and in good condition. The Ducti passport holder has 5 slots to keep your frequent flyer cards handy as well as a pen holder. Use this with your Ducti Duct Tape wallet for great matching style A Ducti wallet is a statement of style and practicality, but even more a statement of ingenuity and fun. Made from Super Duct Tape, its specifically engineered so that it wont lift, peel, or get sticky, the Ducti range of wallets are one part high fashion, one part weekend warrior, and another part urban cool. This very latest range benefits from various colourway options as well as being stitched for extra strength and is certainly cool urban streetwear at its best. The product range started out with a cult following among US aficionados of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing and other extreme sports and has moved on from there.
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