Dehumidifier 1000ml, Low Power Consumption And Ultra-quiet, Suitable For Home, Bedroom, Office

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Dehumidifier 1000ml, Low Power Consumption And Ultra-quiet, Suitable For Home, Bedroom, Office

Dehumidifier 1000ml, Low Power Consumption And Ultra-quiet, Suitable For Home, Bedroom, Office

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₹8,290.00 + ₹998.99 शिपिंग

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High efficiency dehumidifier of 1000 ml The Nuaer dehumidifier equipped with a 1000 ml water tank can eliminate up to 450 ml of water per day (at 30 C and 80% HR). The effect is better than other mini dehumidifiers, keeping the moisture of your room below 45% and effectively reducing the smell of moisture. To offer you a healthy and comfortable environment, it is an ideal choice to avoid mold and moisture. Suitable for parts of less than 15. Super energy-saving dehumidifier Our dehumidifier uses semiconductor dehumidification technology and output power is only 22.5 W / h, which means that it consumes only 0.54 kW of electricity per day, which is less than 1 kW. Therefore, you do not have to worry about expensive electricity bills due to long operating life. Ultra-silent technology compared to other dehumidifiers with compressors, our Dehumidifiers use Peltier technology without compressors, the lowest noise level can be less than 40 dB, it works silently, does not make strong sounds or embarrassing sounds. Therefore, it will not disturb your sleep, work or studies. Intelligent and 3-speed stop When the water tank is full of water, to prevent water from water Do not overflow, it will stop automatically and a red light will come on. The 3-speed dehumidifier, you can choose the dehumidification speed depending on the effect you want. It works best at 20-30 C and HR80%. If the temperature is less than 8 C, the dehumidification effect is not obvious. Light and compact The dehumidifier is very light and compact and has a handle for easy transport You can apply it to different locations. It is very suitable for absorbing moisture in rooms, bathrooms, basements, cabinets, garages, offices and lounges. It can efficiently keep the furniture and dry and clean clothes and is an ideal domestic dehumidifier. Intelligent automatic stop design Designed with an automatic shutdown function.When the Water tank is full, the indicator turns red, the product stops dehumidification. So that there is no risk of water leakage. Easy to use It adopts a pressure operation on the keys, no complicated procedure and is easy to Use. Low noise operation of 39 dB The Naeer dehumidifier works silently and efficiently in the background without most people noticing. Enjoy pure ultra-silent air and fresh all day and night. Say no to a wet environment The compact and portable dehumidifier with a tank with a capacity of 1000 ml Extract up to 450 ml per day in (86 F, 80% HR) of small rooms and closed spaces and 50 to 160 square feet. Treat yourself to a less wet environment. Tips: 1. The dehumidifier is suitable for small parts (5-15) 2. The dehumidifier works better when the ambient temperature is 20 to 30 C and the relative humidity of 80%. 3. The best inner humidity is between 40% and 80%. If moisture is less than 60%, dehumidifier usually dehums less than 400 to 450 ml per day. 4. If the temperature is less than 8 , the dehumidification effect is not obvious. 5. When the dehumidifier is running, try keeping the doors and the windows closed. Features: Material: ABS NOMINAL VOLTAGE: 100-240V Power specification: 9V / 2.5A Nominal power: 22.5 W Water tank capacity: 1000 ml Daily dehumidification capacity: 400-450 ml / day Dehumidification equipment: 3 speeds Length of the power cord: 1.5 m

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