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4pcs Glass And Polishing Cloth, Car Window Cleaning Cloth

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[Quick Drying-Save Time] Kitchen wipes are designed to absorb large amounts of liquid. The water-absorbent car wiping cloth has good water absorption and hardly needs to be wringed out during the drying process. Dries quickly and saves a lot of time. [Multi-purpose glass cleaning cloth] High-quality microfiber cleaning cloth, can be used to clean kitchen utensils, bathrooms, stainless steel products, glass windows, glass, mirrors, electronic screens, watches, musical instruments. [No lint] The cleaning cloth composed of unique design structure and microfiber material can better remove stains and oil stains, and is also very suitable for polishing cloth. Does not leave streaks or fluff. [Maintenance after use-repeated use] If the cleaning cloth is dirty, please wash it by hand with soapy water or put it in a washing machine immediately. Don't iron it. After washing, it can be unfolded and dried. Can be washed and reused, reducing the use of paper towels, saving money and environmental protection. [Packing] Random colors. 4PCS microfiber cleaning cloth, size: 30*40CM. There are 4 colors. Product description Package includes: Random color 4*Glass cloth Description: Size: 30*40cm 1. Kitchen towels made of high-quality polyester fibers are environmentally friendly and durable. 2. Soft and comfortable, anti-bacterial and water-absorbing. 3. Easy to clean, lint-free and no watermark. 4. Help us clean tableware, stoves, sinks, glass, cars, etc. 5. Better remove kitchen stains and protect family health.
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