Inflatable Sup Pump Adaptor Compressor Air Valve Converter With 4 Air Valve Nozzles

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Inflatable Sup Pump Adaptor Compressor Air Valve Converter With 4 Air Valve Nozzles

RRP: ₹1,749.00
मूल्य: ₹1,249.00
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₹1,249.00 और मुफ़्त शिपिंग

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HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from High strength hard plastic and alloy, solid structure, saving labor, resistant high pressure, strong seal leak protection. Note: PeSandy air valve adapter is only suitable for the hose fitting. EASY CONVERSION & SAVE YOUR INFLATING: You can use a manual SUP pump to inflate the SUP board to about 3 or 4 PSI first, and then connect it to the portable air compressor until it reaches 14 PSI. This is an ideal inflation process. It is also the most economical inflation because it does not require a dedicated paddle air pump. MULTI-PURPOSE: PeSandy air valve adaptor has 4 different joints. With it, you don't need to buy a special rubber boat pump. SUP pump adaptor utilizes a standard Schrader fitting to couple with an air compressor or bike/tire pump. Kindly Note: When you open the pack, don't think there are only 2 nozzles. There are 4 nozzles that will be nested to save package space. A WIDE RANGE of APPLICATIONS ] - Fit most paddleboards, canoes, rubber boats, assault boats, flushing pools, floating rows, inflatable beds, dinghy, kayak, etc. If your paddle board is not suitable for these inflatable adapters, please contact us on time. Material: PVC + Alloy. Colour: Red / Blue. Inflatable Size: Round-Head is 0.62in(16mm), Sharp-Head is 0.23in(6mm), Square-Head is 0.71in(18mm), Heliciform-Head is 0.78in(20mm). Package list: 1 x Air Valve

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