15pcs Uv Nail Polish 3pcs Polygel Starter Kit With 80w Uv-led Lamp

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15pcs Uv Nail Polish 3pcs Polygel Starter Kit With 80w Uv-led Lamp

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DescriptionProduct description and product dataDelivery content:1 * 80W UV/LED nail dryer1 *Mini nail clippers1 * Cuticle Knife1 * Cuticle Pusher1 * Nail Clippers1 *Cleaning brush1 * Nail polish1 * Ten spreaders5 *Decorative stripes10 *Makeup Remover Pad2 *Nail Stickers1 * Nail polish (3G)1 * Curved tweezers1 * 12 color rhinestones3 *French hint guide1 *Polishing file1 *Nail file1 *Nail file (thinner)1*6Pcs nail powder (light color)1 * 6Pcs nail powder (dark color)1*UV brush (double-sided)1 * 50pc nail tips1 *Lotion (30ml)1 * Primer1 * Top coat3 *Quickly build gel15 *Ultraviolet nail polishThe complete tool is packed in a box,So there is no need to purchase any additional consumablesVery thin product,So only a small amount of product is needed.So you can enjoy longer timeIf you want to design your own nailsThis is a very good thing.Description:Like a professional?1. Cut and clean nails thoroughlyWipe the inside and edges with a spongeWipe away dead skin and grease.2. Apply a thin layer of primer and put it onCuring for 30 seconds or 60 seconds under UV/LED light.Do not fully cure the primer before drying.3. Apply the nail polish evenly on the nails.The thinner the better.4. Dry for 60 seconds with LED light,Or use UV lamp to dry for 120 seconds.(Steps 3-4 can be repeated 2-3 times.)5. Apply a thin layer of topcoat,Cure with LED light for 60 seconds or UV light for 120 seconds.6. Make nails according to your fantasy.Note: If you want to put on the nailsApply some dipping powder or decorationsIt can be done before applying the top coat.How to prevent easy peeling?1. File your nails and remove the cuticle.Dry and clean your nails to make sure they are oil-free.2. Apply a thicker gelThicker means firmer.3. Do not harden the primer before it is completely dry.The primer usually sticks after curing.4. Practice is very important. As the saying goes, practice is perfect.5. We suggest: curing the primer with LED light for 30 seconds(Ultraviolet light for 60 seconds),Each layer of nail polish-60 seconds(Ultraviolet light for 120 seconds)And topcoat for 60 seconds (ultraviolet light for 120 seconds)

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