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Vintage Kellogg's Happy Hostess Fridge Magnets

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Vintage Kellogg's Happy Hostess Fridge Magnets. This vintage Kellogg's fridge magnet set contains three magnetic sheets holding 17 individual vintage magnets. The vintage Kellogg artwork show cased on this product comes to you straight from the Kellogg company archive in Battle Creek. Collected since it's foundation in 1906 the archive material has been made available exclusively for the vintage Kellogg label. Take home and enjoy a piece of Kellogg history. Ah the 1950?s. When everything was bright and new and you wore lipstick for washing up. And a hat if you were posh. These fridge magnets with their original Kellogg's? advertising brings back those simpler, shinier times when fridges were as big as your car and cost nearly as much.

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