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Blue Eggman Egg Separator

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Blue Eggman Egg Separator. Separating egg yolks from egg whites has never been so easy. Your new assistant chef will make light work of this tricky task by the power of suction. After a mess free shift in the kitchen, he can be effortlessly taken apart and washed. His 'mouth' can be stored inside his body for safe keeping, taking up less space in your kitchen drawer. To use simply squeeze The Eggman, place over a yolk whilst slowly releasing pressure and watch in amazement as The Eggman sucks the yolk from the white. Squeezing The Eggman again will eject the yolk just where you need it... simple Plus The Eggman can suck up to 4 yolks in one go Whether you are just learning to cook or bake, cooking with your kids, or a head chef at the highest level The Eggman is a fun kitchen gadget that will save you time and effort. From meringues to ice cream, mayonnaise to custard The Eggman is the man for the job A colourful, space-saving character and washable utensil that is an essential addition to any kitchen drawer Provide a little fun and frivolity into the art of cooking and with luck provide a hook for children to become more involved with cooking.
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