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Spring Check Rectangular Pure New Wool Door Stop

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Spring Check Rectangular Pure New Wool Door Stop. This rectangular pure new wool doorstop, in the Spring Check pattern, is supplied empty, together with a separate interior container that you can fill with something of your choosing to plump out the doorstop. For example you could use dried beans or rice, indeed anything that weighs it down The underside of the doorstop has a velcro strip to enable easy access to the container bag. Each door stop is made from pure new wool, with this being the Spring Check pattern, complete with faux leather carry or haul loop that allows easy movement away from doors or to move the doorstop from room to room. Also available in an alternative 'bag' shape. Both shapes available in four patterns: Antique Buchanan, Antique Dress Gordon, Spring Check and Autumn Check. This quality Tweedmill pure wool doorstop is manufactured in the UK and will add a touch of class to any room Please note: due to the methods used in the manufacture of this pure new wool doorstop pattern variations are to be expected... no two will be identical Images supplied are from a sample cut to show the general design and colour range.
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