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Duck & Seal EZ SOX Socks - 2 Pairs, 3 to 5 Years

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Duck and Seal EZ SOX - 2 Pairs, Age 3 - 5 Years. EZ SOX, the 'I Can Do It' fun learning socks Created by parents, the duck and seal socks have cute faces to show which way is up and can be worn as a matching pair or mix and match as odd socks. They have non-skid bottoms, seamless toes and reinforced loops to help little fingers pull on with ease. The EZ SOX help build the confidence that kids need to dress themselves. These are the cutest Duck and Seal socks, and your kids will love wearing this cuddly duo. Made from a mixture of Cotton, Polyester and Spandex (For approx age 3 - 5 Years). What are EZ SOX? EZ SOX are the easiest socks ever The unique design helps your child put on their socks with ease. A fun learning sock for children and a helpful teaching tool for parents. It helps build the confidence that pre-schoolers need as they learn to dress themselves.

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