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Large Recycled Wool Random Throw or Picnic Blanket

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Large Recycled All Wool Random Throw or Picnic Blanket by Tweedmill. This traditional style rug can be used as a large picnic blanket or is large enough to wrap up in on the sofa at home or as a throw across the bed for extra warmth. Our Random Recycled Throw is soft and durable, suitable for many occasions. Why is it called a Random Rug? Well, it is an environmentally friendly product, made in Wales, that is made by using recycled wool fibres which have been re-spun to create the rug. As the throw uses recycled yarns no two are the same so each product is unique in its colourway. It is for this reason that we are unable to state what colours are available, and each order is supplied a random rug The Random All Wool Picnic Rugs / Throws are available in two sizes, with this being the larger size and measures approx 150 x 183cm. Recycled and supplied in many colours, one of our best selling rugs.

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