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Pink Feather Magnetic Linear Board Notice Board - Magnets, not pins

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Rectangular shaped linear magnet board in a pretty in pink feather pattern. This pink feather magnetic notice board is supplied with four pink heart shaped powerful magnets, strong enough to hold anything to the board (well, almost anything ). Ditch those boring cork pin boards and use this fun and stylish alternative - nothing to attach to it? well they look so good that they can just be hung as a piece of fabulous modern art They come with a simple, ready to use wall fitting kit. The linear photo boards measure approx 575 x 145mm, and can be hung either portrait or landscape. Our photoboards can hang up on a wall and provide a room with a funky focal point as well as being a functional part of your everyday life. Great for the home or the office We stock a variety of designs, in two different sizes, as well as additional single magnets, so there is sure to be one design to match your existing decor

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