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Camera Lomo Holga Dedicated Negative Film.

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Camera Lomo Holga Dedicated Negative Film.. Features: Super Beautiful Packaging, Packaging and Film Barrel Are Very Cute Suitable for Matching the Camera Together with Gifts, Their Own Take out with the Mood is Not Generally Good Applicable to Other 135 Format Lomo Waterproof Camera, Such As Flower Fairy Sister, Waterproof Camera, 2,3,4 Cases, Fish Eye, LCA+, 135BC, K200N, Wide Angle, Half Frame, BBF and So On Vintage Camera with Such Lovely Photo Paper, How Can Not Meet Your Girly Heart After Using, Still Can Regard As Beautiful Collectibles to Be Put in Receiving a Box Specifications: Color Negative Film Suitable Model: 35mm Photos Allowed: 18/ Roll Color Negative Film Suitable Model: 35mm Photos Allowed: 18 / Roll Package Size: 5.5*3.5*3.2cm Gross Weight: About 50g Package Included:1roll *film. We are an international seller, your order will be shipped from abroad so please allow the necessary time of minimum 21 working days for delivery right now depending on where you ship to, due to ongoing delays in postal deliveries globally.
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