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Oh Mary! Six Ladies Odd Socks by United Oddsocks (UK 4-8)

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Oh Mary Six Ladies Odd Socks (UK 4-8) by United Oddsocks. 6 odd shoe socks to mix and match with each other to create 15 pair combinations. Just don't forget to wear your shoes The calorie-free sugar hit your feet will love Contains 6 scrumptious socks for you to pick and mix to brighten up any day Funk up your feet with the United Oddsocks Oh Mary Socks. Much better than a boring old plain pair These odd socks can be mixed up as the mood takes, safe in the knowledge that you have funky feet Plus if you lose a sock or wear a hole or whatever you still have a pair Just chuck them in the sock drawer unsorted and with legitimate odd socks you just pull out the first two that come to hand. Odd, funky, time-saving... need we say more Creates 15 different combination pairs. These socks are made of 83% Cotton, 15% Polymide, 2% Elastane. The Oh Mary Funky Odd Socks For Women come in one standard size, UK 4-8 (EUR 37-42, US 6.5-10.5). Oh Mary loves her socks in shoes. Which combination will she choose? Make them match she knows she should. But that's too dull even if she could. So spots with hearts or even stripes. Oh Mary, have a cupcake and don't worry about it (Note: United Oddsocks make socks, not poems...)

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