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Orange with Sky Blue Hats Trebimbi Puppets Cutlery Set

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Orange Trebimbi Puppets Cutlery Set for Kids. Each box of Trebimbi cutlery, these being the orange with blue hat puppet set, contains a spoon, fork and kid-friendly knife. Made in Italy, each piece has a stainless steel body and a coloured plastic polypropylene handle, with faces on the blades. The idea behind the Trebimbi cutlery range is to rouse a child's imagination and interest in eating, they all snap together for easy storage and the colours mix and match brilliantly. You're not supposed to play with your food, but these imported Italian baby utensils are made for mealtime fun Start beginners off with a spoon, then add the fork and knife as skills improve. Implements lock together like a string of paper dolls. Who would have thought one knife, one fork and one spoon could ever be so much fun? Kids cutlery couldn?t possibly get any cooler Specifications: Orange with Sky Blue Hat Trebimbi Cutlery, Knife, Fork and Spoon per set, Packed in attractive gift box, Stainless steel, Dishwasher safe, Ages two to six, Designed by Italian design house Rivadossi Sandro, Available in various styles and colours.

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