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UFO Light - UFO USB Powered LED Lamp

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UFO Light - UFO USB Powered LED Lamp. USB powered desk light shaped like a classic flying saucer. Create an eerie landing area for an extra-terrestrial space craft on your desk with this USB powered light. It's really easy to use; just plug it into the USB slot on the side of your computer. Once switched on, the section on top (we're assuming there's a little green man inside, but reckon he's best left to his own devices) will light up from within whilst a beam of light will be released from beneath. If you've ever seen an alien abduction in a film or on TV (come one, we've all seen that? right?) then you'll recognise the familiar sight of an abduction beam, which is just what this ray of light resembles. The light sits on top of a flexible stand, meaning that the light can be shone wherever works best for you Supplied with a 30cm posable USB lead. For ages 6+. An out of this world gift for any sci-fi fan. They tried to deny it's existence, but the truth is out there
  • Fruugo ID: 50971113-101963808
  • EAN: 621977060509
  • विक्रेता का VRN: GB897930555

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