Health Card Vaccine Card Protective Case Waterproof Pvc Soft Card Case

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Health Card Vaccine Card Protective Case Waterproof Pvc Soft Card Case

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₹1,849.00 और मुफ़्त शिपिंग

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1.IMMUNIZATION CARD HOLDER READY - Display Vaccination Card at Airlines for Quick Entry - Accessible for Barcodes & QC Codes to be Read with Scanner Reader Through Visible Clear Protector Window - Great for Teachers, Students, Nurses, Office Employees, Doctors, Government Official, Police, Volunteer and More 2.SLIGHTLY LARGER TO FIT LAMINATED 4X 3 Cards -(4 X 3 Max Insert) - Thick, Sturdy Plastic Sleeve with Curved Edges Featuring Lightly Textured Back and Clear Front Window to Keep Your Health Document or Valuable Collector Card Damage Free - OuterDimensions (4 1/4 x 3 3/4 inch) Inner Dimensions (4.57 x 4.49 inch) 3.EASY ACCESS HORIZONTAL TOP INSERT - Secure Document Holder, Thin yet Durable Vinyl Cover Pouch with Thumb Slip Opening - No Zipper Hassle - Ideal for Printable Document, medi-cal Vaccination Record, Trade Show Badge, Con-ference Name Tag, Bus Pass and More 4.ATTACHES TO ANY LANYARD OR BADGE REEL - Existing 3 Slot Holes to Securely Attach to Standard Lanyard or Badge Reel Strap Clip in the Middle Hole and an Open Ended Lanyard in the Outer Slots - Convenient Neck Hold for Horizontal 4" x 3" Badge, Pass, Ticket, Card, Document, Photo, Paper or Credential, Permit, License - Wear Over Clothing or Discreetly Under a Jacket 5.HEAVY DUTY REUSABLE BADGE HOLDERS - Multi Purpose Use and Reuse for a Health Record Keeper or for Special orPromotional Events, Conventions, Concerts, Festivals, Retreats, Family & School Reunions, Store Tags, Fundraisers, Field Trips, PTA, Transit Bus, VIP Pass and MorePackage Content: 10x Card Protector

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