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Radial ceramic hair brush with boar bristles 9360

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The radial hair brush is made from walnut and ceramic convention barrel with naturally selected, pure boar bristles and elastic rounded polyamide pins. The handle is designed for comfort control during blow-drying. This size is excellent for medium to long hair length.Ceramic coating of the body spreads the heat equally and acts as a heat accumulator and conductor, reducing the drying time and ensuring damage-free styling. Pure boar bristles add silky shine and condition to the hair; they do not damage hair and do not generate static electricity. They gently smoothen and straighten the cuticle while removing styling products and environmental dust. Elastic, ball-end polyamide pins guide the hair easily through the brush avoiding hair tangles. They are heat resistant.

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Design-Glassware by Mont Bleu

पता: K Lesiku 89/8, Prague 10, 10200, चेकिया
विक्रेता का VRN: CZ25458850