Accessories Anti Cellulite Massage Roller Tool Massager Wooden


Accessories Anti Cellulite Massage Roller Tool Massager Wooden

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* Product descriptionSize: 40cm : whiteMaterial: woodPackage content: 1*muscle massage stick1. way to work out those knots and sore muscles when get tired after work all day ful of massage roller good for physical therapy facilities point massages, knobs give a deep tissue massage,effective to help reduce myofascial pain,you can use it with Pain Relief Creamelieve aches, pains, and knots everywhere In 2.Works out knots and stiffnessgets muscles warmed up and limber, relaxes tension. Keep one at home, and an at your workplace for an energizing "30 Min spa vacation." you can use it with Cellulite Cream & Cream,Massage s. Scrubs3.TAR TED DEEP TISSUE MASSA : Relieving sore, aching muscles, the massage roller provides soothing pressure to improve circulation and se tense, knotted muscles. Useful for myofascial se, point therapy and deep tissue massage, the roller stick is easy to use for self massage. for pre and post workouts, the massage roller also relieves pain and stiffness associated with sciatica, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and more.4.NINE INDEPENDENT ROLLERS: Grooved for effective self-massage, the massage roller stick features nine independent rollers. Smoothly rotating on a solid metal core, the massage roller compresses and stretches the muscles in the legs, including calves, quads and hamstring, the glutes, feet, lower back, shoulders and neck.5.Material from natural wood. The exceptional quality and strength of the wood enables long-term use.

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