Adjustable Tablet Stand, Ipad Stand, Desktop Phone Stand Base

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Adjustable Tablet Stand, Ipad Stand, Desktop Phone Stand Base

RRP: ₹3,349.00
मूल्य: ₹2,399.00
आपकी बचत: ₹950.00 (28%)
₹2,399.00 और मुफ़्त शिपिंग

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Adjustable Tablet StandGreat desk accessories for the office and home. Easy to customize, supports both vertical and horizontal viewing while watching videos, reading, writing, cooking and so on.^Exquisite WorkmanshipThe tablet stand is made of an extremely high-strength, alloyed aluminum for greater strength and less weight. The classic and minimalist design is suitable for various occasions.^Wide CompatibilityThe tablet stand applies to 4-13 inch devices, e.g. iPad 2019, iPad Air, iPad Pro 10.5/11/12.9, iPhone 13 12 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, XR, Surface Pro, Samsung Tablet. If the device is larger than 13 inches, just adjust it horizontally, it works well too.^Features and ProtectionThe low center of gravity design and the extended hooks keep the tablet safe. Rubber cushions protect the cell phones and tablets from scratches and slipping.^Portable & ConvenientCan be easily folded into a palm size and put in a bag when you travel. The reserved charging port allows you charge the device when in use.

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