Macrame Cotton Yarn 3mm X 200m Macrame Rope Macrame Cord Cotton Rope.for Dream


Macrame Cotton Yarn 3mm X 200m Macrame Rope Macrame Cord Cotton Rope.for Dream

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Safe Material: : Macrame cord yarn is made of 100% cotton spiral twine. of cotton yarn naturally. free of chemicals. safe for the environment. non-toxic and harmless. Macrame yarn is very soft and hard to break. Handcrafted cotton yarn is sturdy and durable. Cut: : The product is a cotton macrame thread with a diameter of 3 mm and a total length of 200 m. Packed in the form of a spool. it is not easy to tie. you can cut it to any length for convenience. Largely used: : Macrame yarn can be used to make bohemian ornaments such as dreamcatchers. tapestries. lace plants. hangers. macrame wall hangings. macrame curtains and macrame tablecloths. You can also dye your own arts and crafts to make it more beautiful. Cotton thread may also be suitable for binding meat. the kitchen. the butcher's shop. gardening. the placement of labels. etc DIY Happiness: : A simple and fun decoration that creates a lovely bead curtain for the home. At the same time. you can also cultivate children's practical skills and creativity. and weave their own decorations. Come and spend this happy parent-child moment with your children. Satisfaction Guarantee: : We provide every customer with fast delivery. the best quality products and the best customer service.If you have any questions about our products. do not hesitate to contact us. we will respond to you within 24 hours. Our pursuit is your 100% satisfaction.

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