Back Scrubber For Shower Wall Shower Brush Hands-free Exfoliating For Deep Clean

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Back Scrubber For Shower Wall Shower Brush Hands-free Exfoliating For Deep Clean

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₹1,699.00 + ₹536.49 शिपिंग

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1. Material: Using high-quality materials, excellent workmanship, more durable and strong, strong and not easy to break, gentle exfoliation, massage the skin. 2. Curved bristles, accord with ergonomic design, hard to touch, fast cleaning speed, no skin damage 3. Ergonomic hands-free design: Our back washing device adopts hands-free, ergonomic and non-contact design, which perfectly fits your back contour and changes the way you wash your back. Unlike other back scrubbers that can only touch a small part of the back, this back scrubber can clean and remove the keratin of the entire back and shoulders, reaching all difficult-to-clean areas. 4. Multifunctional: suitable for all types of skin. It is very suitable for relaxing muscles, relieving stress, promoting blood circulation, exfoliating, promoting blood circulation, balancing oils, massaging the skin to relieve stress and relaxing muscles, brightening skin tone, and increasing skin elasticity. 5. Easy to use: The hands-free back washing device can be easily and firmly attached to the shower wall, just spray your favorite shower gel on the mat and scrub it 6. Suitable for elderly/injured/pregnant women: This suit is very suitable for injured, elderly, pregnant women and people with limited mobility. Provides a thorough exfoliation for your entire back, shoulders, buttocks, arms.

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