Unisex 3cm 5cm 7cm Or 9cm Heel Height Increase Shoe Lift Insole Inserts (black)

+ ₹539.49 शिपिंग

Unisex 3cm 5cm 7cm Or 9cm Heel Height Increase Shoe Lift Insole Inserts (black)

  • ब्रांड: Suren
RRP: ₹4,849.00
मूल्य: ₹3,949.00
आपकी बचत: ₹900.00 (18%)
₹3,949.00 + ₹539.49 शिपिंग

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Reduce Fatigue and Improve Blood Circulation ---- The EMS Neck Acupuncture Lymphatic Massager adopts acupuncture stimulation design, uses electrical pulses to relieve neck pain and shoulder fatigue, promote neck blood circulation and improve sleep quality. By using the EMS Neck Lymphatic Massager, your muscles can be toned and strengthened while reducing the visibility of cellulite. Ergonomic Design----Electric Pulse Neck Massager Cordless U-shaped neck massager made of high quality and malleable material that conforms to the curvature of the neck. It weighs only 100g in total and doesn't slip, so it doesn't weigh on your shoulders. 4 modes and 12 levels of intensity ---- 4 modes of neck massage and free combination mode, 12 levels of intensity are available. Users can select the appropriate mode according to their personal needs, giving you the feeling of real massage, promoting lymphatic system detoxification and achieving the effect of relieving fatigue. For beginners, it is recommended to start with the lowest intensity. Smart & Function ---- The Ems Neck Acupoint Lymphatic Massager has a built-in button function that will automatically shut off within 15 minutes to ensure safety. The built-in new thermostat realizes three-second heating, bringing you a better non-fatigue experience. The refresh feature works for everyone. Tips ---- 1. Please fully charge the neck massager before using it for the first time. 2. It is normal to get electric shock at first use. 3. Wipe the neck with a damp towel before use. Dry skin can reduce the effectiveness of the product.
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  • EAN: 924291960297
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