Mini Mobile Phone Surveillance Camera 1080p Wireless Surveillance

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Mini Mobile Phone Surveillance Camera 1080p Wireless Surveillance

  • ब्रांड: Suren

Mini Mobile Phone Surveillance Camera 1080p Wireless Surveillance

  • ब्रांड: Suren
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Mini hidden camera: The pinhole camera has a size of 2.8 mm and an effective distance of 10 meters. The base has an adsorption function, which can be used indoors for home safety, nanny, pet, professional monitoring, body safety, etc., real-time monitoring, simple and portable.Mobile APP quickly connect: When the camera power supply is sufficient, you only need to download the relevant APP on your mobile phone, without wiring, you can quickly connect, start recording with one key, and bid farewell to cumbersome. The mobile phone APP can also be remotely watched and monitored without distance limitation, and you can also take the memory card to the computer to watch.Motion detection alarm: The camera is equipped with precise automatic monitoring. Once it detects the movement of an object in the screen, the camera will automatically send an alarm to you in a timely manner through a notification message. After the arming mode is turned on, it can also sense the human body's heat energy, and it will automatically capture the video, if someone is recording, and no one will stop, the relevant video can be viewed at any time through a mobile phone or a computer.Long-lasting work: We measured about 12 hours of standby power during the day, and about 8 hours of battery life at night. The product has its own hotspot, so it can work for a long time without electricity or network.Infrared night vision: The camera comes with infrared night vision function, F2.1 large aperture, more light, and night video is also very clear. Very suitable for day and night supervision of the room. And the APP can adjust the day and night mode as you like, and the switching is simple and free.
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