Cat Bathing Bag, Multifunctional Adjustable Cat Grooming Bag

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Cat Bathing Bag, Multifunctional Adjustable Cat Grooming Bag

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1.MUTI-FUNCTIONAL: Cat bathing bag perfect for Bathing / Nail Trimming / Take medicine / Teeth and ears cleaning / Take eye drops / Injecting and other occasions, easy to take care of your cats and puppy dogs. 2.EASY TO USE: The multifunctional cat grooming bag is designed with adjustable straps and zippers, which are loose enough to be easily worn on the cat. The adjustable rope can make the cat feel at ease and keep calm, so that you can adjust the tightness. This cat bath bag can help your cat take a bath at home easily. 3.HIGH QUALITY: This cat shower bag use soft and breathable polyester mesh, scratch and bite resistant and durable. Great air permeability, easy to drain and dry. 4.ANTI-BITE & ANTI-SCRATCH: Cat Bathing Bag covers all of a cat's body, and there are no gaps. Cat grooming bag, scratch-resistant, bite-resistant, durable, strong air permeability.You can choose to wrap your cat's limbs or stretch them out. 5.SIZE: Each size of the cat bathing bag is: Girth for Head: 6 inch / 15 cm; Girth for Paw: 4 inch / 10 cm; Girth for Body: 12.5 inch / 32 cm; Length for Body: 20 inch / 50 cm; Maximum Cat Weight: 15 lbs / 7KG

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