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Kids Alarm Clock

मूल्य: ₹3,399.00
₹3,399.00 और मुफ़्त शिपिंग

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Cute Children Clock Unique lovely owl shape alarm clock, specially designed for kids.Its not only a useful alarm clock, but a great decoration for childrens room, study room or bedroom.Perfect gift for Birthday, Christmas, graduation day etc.Safe for KidsThis bell alarm clock is made of high quality material, it is safe for kids.With this bedside alarm clock, no need to set alarm in the mobile anymore, it protects your children from harm of radiation. You can enjoy a peace of mind while for children using.Super Loud AlarmThe twin bells provide an extra loud sound to wake your kids up in the morning.No snooze button, good analog alarm clock for children who has trouble waking upSlient & Precise ClockNon ticking battery alarm clock uses superior sweeping movement to guarantee true silence with the smooth second hand and time accuracy.Your little sweetheart will get a more restful and deeper dream sleep.Soft Night LightSoft natural backlight makes it clear for night time viewing.Simply press the night light button on the backside of the clock, your kids can check the time easily without hurting their eyes.

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