Foldable Water Container

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Food Grade Materials:This foldable water container is made of premium environmentally friendly PE material, which is food safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, no BPA, PVC or DEHP, no plastic PVC smell and water taste will not be affected. Enjoy the original sweet taste of water without carrying annoying plastic PVC smell through this portable water container. LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE AND REUSABLE DESIGN: This foldable water container has a soft shape and innovative design of accordion ideas, making it original and stylish. It is super lightweight, compact and space-saving, weighs only 0.3 kg for easy carrying. Pack this water bottle in your backpack or vehicle and be ready for your outdoor activities. ADJUSTABLE & LEAK PROOF: Our water tank tank tank features a spigot with adjustable water flow control function, and thanks to the innovative leak-proof tap design, you can store and transport water easily and effortlessly. Adjust the tap and gently press the top of the jug, then the fresh water comes out. No need to lift the nearly 4.5kg bulky water tanks and carry all the weight when pouring. MULTI-PURPOSE - This portable water jug is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, hiking etc.Besides, it allows you to quickly and easily store a large amount of water for your whole family needs in an emergency situation or disaster such as hurricane, tornado, flooding, dryness, etc. The adjustable tap helps direct drinking and water conservation, avoiding wasting valuable resources. Please keep at least 1 pack in your survival kit. Note: When you screw the cap, make sure the internal thread lock with the spigot cap fits perfectly, otherwise there may be water leakage. Please try more when screwing until it is well sealed once you encounter the leakage problem.

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