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Authentic indian aromatherapeutic ear candles

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These beautifully crafted authentic Indian ear candles are easy to use and effective. They reduce the pressure of the ear canal and the sinus canal, to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus and ear itching, and strengthen the hearing by removal of excess wax. This is an ancient and natural therapy handed down through many civilizations. Using your regular q-tips and ear cleaner is not enough and it does not effectively clean your ear. More or less it will only make things worse because it can push the ear wax further into the ear canal. Although having earwax is completely normal, it is still not nice to leave it in your ear. Not only is it unhygienic but it will leave you with complications and will affect your hearing more or less eventually especially the older you get. It is difficult to function and do everyday tasks when you have hearing problems. The tendency is that you will miss out on what a person said to you. This is especially a hassle they are going to say something important to you and you won’t hear it. It would greatly affect your everyday activities and make things harder for you. Treat it by cleaning your ear canal with these ear cleaning candles. With this, you can effectively clean the ear canal. Consequently, this will make you feel light, clean, and overall better.   Ear candles work with two basic principles:   1. Thermal energy - when the ear candle is lit and gently inserted into the ear canal, you will feel a gradual heat flow into the ear canal, gently stimulating the reflex area of the ear to achieve an intracranial heat balance and smooth, warm and arbitrary feeling that is therapeutic.   2. Pressure and vibration -- the slight negative pressure and vibration generated by ear candle during burning can massage the eardrum, and also promote the rapid removal of dirt and wax from the ear wall to achieve the purpose of detoxification and beautification. In combination with detoxification techniques, the whole process process makes people feel more relaxed and comfortable.   Ear candles are best for people who work outdoors in dusty environments, those who are active in water sports, hearing aid users and ordinary people who require a general cleanse.   Precautions for use: Each ear candle burns for about 10 minutes. When approaching the alarm line, extinguish the candle with water. Do not blow it out. If there are residues and bacteria in the ear, a slight sound is normal.   Ear candle is not suitable for people: People with eardrum perforation, pregnant women etc.        
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