Wind Up Radio, Emergency Radio Solar Portable 2000mah Powerflashlight

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Wind Up Radio, Emergency Radio Solar Portable 2000mah Powerflashlight

RRP: ₹2,549.00
मूल्य: ₹2,549.00
₹2,549.00 और मुफ़्त शिपिंग

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Tiny and waterproof: The wind up radio portable rechargeable is small and handy (129 x 60 x 50mm), a weight of 0.68lb, with IPX3 protected against spray water at an angle of 60 degree. The wind up solar radio does not take up much space when stored, and you can carry it anywhere in any bag or purse. Never Power Off: The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery crank radio can be charged with Micro USB cable, 3 AAA batteries (not included), hand cranking and the solar panel,2000mah rechargeable battery supplies 10-12 hours of radio time, or up to 15 hours of flashlight time when fully charged; Power Your Phone: 2000 mAh power bank can be used to charge a cell phone or other USB devices; therefore, you will be able to make quick emergency call even in the most desperate situation with this solar powered radio; Sturdy in Emergencies: Worried in power outage Bright 1W emergency radio flashlight and reading lamp can be used in emergency to light up dark spaces and areas or to keep your room nice and bright after a storm cuts off your power; Enjoy Outdoor Life: Compact size solar emergency radio is easy to carry as an emergency supplies in travelling, camping, backpacking, must add to your backpack or car.

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