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Beard Gap Filler Pencil For Men

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1.Clean & Fresh LookThis Beard Pencil filler is designed to fill the gaps in your beard, moustaches and eyebrows. Our beard pencil will give you a clean, fuller and contoured appearance. This beard pen will give you a fresh look.2.Sweatproof Water Resistant : This beard filler is anti-sweat and water-proof. Keep makeup looking all day without smudging or fading when sweat.3.Natural Apperance: This beard pencil designed with a four tip head for a more seamless look of your beard. On the other end of the beard pen is the pacions soft bristle brush, you could comb your beard.4.Fast and Efficient Filling: Start by drawing the contour of your beard or moustache and continue to color inside evenly along desired shape. Quiet convenient even when you in a hurry to work or have a date.Black Pen & Cool Look: Black pen makes you more cool looking. Free brush to help you get spray paint and mixing effect. Thie beard pen will give you the best shape of the beard and the perfect face appearance.

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