Quickly Build Gel Nail Extension 36w Uv Led Light Starter Set

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Quickly Build Gel Nail Extension 36w Uv Led Light Starter Set

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Product description and product data UV/LED nail light: Name: 36W dual light source UV/LED light curing device Plug type: USB plug Specification: 36W Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Adjustable timer: 60S / 90S / 120S Applicable gel types: various gels Motion sensor: Lights up when activated; stretches out your hand and the light goes out Scope of supply: 6 x 15ml nail extension glue 1 x 36W UV+LED nail lamp 1 x 8ml primer 1 x 8ml top coat 1 x 30ml toner 1 x Double-sided brush (brush + slider) 1x50Pcs nail tips 2 x nail file 1 x clean 1 x nail polish 1 x 10 Spreader 1 x curved tweezers 1 x glass 1 x 1000 Rhinestone (Silver) 1 x 1000 Rhinestone (mixed) 1 x nail clippers 5 x gold thread 1 x 10PcS cleaning pad 1 x 10Pcs makeup remover pad 2 x Nail Stickers No longer do nail art with him in the studio, This will reduce your time and money. Compared with ordinary gel, It's super convenient to use. Very good result. How to use: 1. Degrease and hair nails and clean the surface of nails. 2. Apply a thin layer of primer on the prepared natural nails, The nails are then cured under the lamp. 3. Apply the gel to the tip of the nail, and then apply it with lotion. 4. Put the nail tip on the nail and cure it under the lamp. 5. After drying, remove the nail tip, and then file the nail into the desired shape. 6. Finally, apply a top coat on the nails and cure. 7. Done"
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