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Small oval hair brush 2201

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Exclusive hair brush is handmade from ebonite with high quality boar bristles and elastic rounded nylon pins set in a pneumatic cushion. It’s perfect for everyday use on all hair types and lengths.Pure boar bristles add silky shine and condition to the hair; they do not damage hair and do not generate static electricity. They gently remove residues and dirt from the hair with every brush stroke, while smoothening and straightening the cuticle. Elastic, rounded nylon pins help detangle the hair. The pins set in an air-cushion pad massage the scalp softly, which improves blood circulation. They are heat resistant. The natural hard rubber, ebonite body and handle are hand polished and fit easily in the hand, adding to the comfort of grooming.

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Design-Glassware by Mont Bleu

पता: K Lesiku 89/8, Prague 10, 10200, चेकिया
विक्रेता का VRN: CZ25458850