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Flavoured Toothpaste For Dogs

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Beaphar toothpaste for dogs with liver flavour 100g. Beaphar Liver flavoured toothpaste provides daily protection for your dog's teeth. The toothpaste removes plaque and helps prevent tartar build-up and provides fresh breath.Anti-scaling: certain proteins in food and various bacteria can cause plaque build-up on dogs' teeth. The enzymes in Beaphar Liver Flavoured Toothpaste Gel help remove plaque. Tartar control: any plaque adhering to the tooth structure will eventually turn to tartar as calcium salts are incorporated. The tooth cleaning gel contains ingredients that help prevent tartar formation by binding calcium. The liver flavour of the product makes it easy to use. METHOD OF ADMINISTRATION AND APPLICATION. Put a small amount on your finger and let your dog lick it off. Most dogs will readily accept flavoured toothpaste. Then wet the toothbrush and put a small amount of toothpaste on the bristles. Let your dog taste the toothpaste again. Lift the upper lip and brush a few teeth. Clean only a few canines and molars the first time. As the gums around the incisors are more sensitive, it is best to leave these for the next brushing. Gradually get your pet used to daily brushing. Always provide a bowl of fresh drinking water after brushing.CONTRAINDICATIONS, ADVERSE REACTIONS: None known. WARNINGS: Do not use human toothpaste on dogs as its foaming ingredients may irritate your dog's stomach. Shelf life: Can be used in its original packaging for 3 years from the date of manufacture. STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store below 25C PACKAGING: 100g tube.

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