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Air Conditioner Cleaning Cover With Water Pipe

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AIR CONDITIONER COVERApplicable to air conditioners below 1.5p, applicable to internal air conditioners with a circumference less than 95''. "SUITABLE FORThe air conditioner cover can be stretched up to 42'', suitable for air conditioners below 1.5p. Both sides are equipped with elastic fixing ropes, so it will not be loose when covering small air conditioners. "DRAIN OUTLETIt's a good assistant for cleaning wall-hanging air conditioner. The air conditioner dust-proof cover is equipped with a water external (drain) outlet and a water pipe to drain the water into a bucket. "MATERIALMade of double-sided waterproof oxford fabric and using PPC waterproof technology, the cleaning cover is waterproof, acid and alkali resistant. "COMPATIBILITYThe waterproof AC cleaning cover is suitable for air conditioners at home, office, hotel, shop and etc.

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