Electric Bottle Warmer. 6-in-1 Portable Electric Baby Bottle Sterilizer With Led

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Electric Bottle Warmer. 6-in-1 Portable Electric Baby Bottle Sterilizer With Led

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6 in 1 Multifunction Bottle Warmer - The multifunction bottle warmer can be used for hot milk. hot formulas. sterilization. heating of food. defrosting and uniform and rapid heating. Stores all essences for your baby and provides complete care for infant feeding and healthy growth of your baby.Safe and durable material: The bottle warmer is made of food grade polypropylene without BPA and resistant to high temperatures. Healthy and respectful of the environment. no harmful substance after heating. and the mother is safer.Double bottle design A specially designed milk heater heats two bottles at the same time and is suitable for feeding twins and more babies. The top lid design can accommodate half the space for large bottles. 3 bottles of 240 ml wide neck. Fits most bottles on the market..LCD display and overheat protection - smart touchscreen and digital display. which can clearly recognize the working condition and low noise. The digital LED bottle heater provides a preset temperature. you can get an accurate temperature (1) and heating time (1 min). The anti-dry heating system can automatically cut off the power sources. which is much safer.. Thermostatic System and Steam Sterilization - The bottle warmer can keep milk and baby food at constant temperature for 24 hours to maintain food supply. The high temperature steam sterilizer can reach up to 212,100 (100). 99.9% of the bacteria bottles contained can be killed. Protects your baby from malicious germs and harmful bacteria found on baby bottles.
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