Electric Heated Vest Thermal Gilet Winter Waistcoat Warm Jacket For Outdoor Activities

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Electric Heated Vest Thermal Gilet Winter Waistcoat Warm Jacket For Outdoor Activities

  • ब्रांड: Unbranded

Electric Heated Vest Thermal Gilet Winter Waistcoat Warm Jacket For Outdoor Activities

  • ब्रांड: Unbranded
RRP: ₹3,249.00
मूल्य: ₹2,799.00
आपकी बचत: ₹450.00 (13%)
₹2,799.00 और मुफ़्त शिपिंग

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Intelligent Heating: 4 large area heating elements, far infrared heat, rapid heating, the maximum temperature can reach 65C.(Excluding power supply) 3 Speed Control: Rechargeable intelligent dual control; zoned heating temperature control; safe low pressure; separate temperature control; 3 speed control; smart chip; one button temperature control; three levels adjustment. Materials: Heated Gilet are made of Memory Cloth, and the internal heating parts are made of spandex, very soft and no radiation.It is very easy to pull and is not prone to breakage. Washable Vest: No fear of tearing and washing for a long time; easy to clean; direct washing; Pay attention that please take out the power bank before washing. Put the USB interface back into the pocket and pull the zipper, please use it again to ensure dry and then use.(Machine wash in laundry bag) Applicable Sports: Camping, skateboarding, self-driving, rock climbing, cycling, travel, diving, daily warm wear, etc.The inner heating piece adopts carbon fiber wire, no radiation, stable heat generation and long service life. How to use: 1. Take out the USB plug and connect to the mobile power bank. 2. Press the power bank output switch. 3. Long press temperature control switch on the chest for 3 seconds to start heating. When the red light is on, it is automatic temperature control heating. 4. Manual adjustment for three levels of heating, the red light is continuous high temperature heating, the white is continuous medium temperature heating, and the blue is continuous low temperature heating. 5. Long press the temperature control switch for 3 seconds and turn off the light to stop heating. Note: It needs to be used with power bank (power bank is not included), and you can use your own power bank. Washing instructions: 1. Take out the power bank, add neutral detergent. Do not rub or beat it strongly, and use the washed clothes after natural ventilation and drying. Matters needing attention: 1. If you don't use it for a long time, please don't connect to the power bank. 2. Do not use high temperature water or strong acid detergent. 3. It is strictly forbidden to use electricity for wet clothes. Please turn off the power immediately when you get wet in the rain. 4. The duration of continuous heating depends on the capacity of the power bank. Color: Grey, Pink(optional) Material: Cotton Weight: About 400g Recommended size: S: 160cm M: 165cm L: 170cm XL: 175cm XXL: 180cm Note: The size of the clothes is one size smaller, it is recommended to take one size larger. Package List: 1 x Heated Vest(no power bank ) 1 x USB cable 1 x User Manual

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